7 Important Vaastu Tips for Your New House- The Key

Vaastu Shastra is the traditional Indian science of inviting positive energies and eliminating negative vibes in and around a place. It is also an ancient system of architecture that gives insights into positive methods of creating and implementing the design and construction of buildings to attract positivity, happiness, and abundance. This system, which has been […]

VTP Bluewaters- the Coveted Premium Township at Baner

Let The Key, Pune’s renowned real estate consultant, unlock your quest for luxurious properties with amenities in Baner for you. The Key presents VTP Bluewaters, the stunning premium township at Baner that has gained a reputation of being an exclusive destination in Pune. Baner, a high-ranking region located in West Pune, is counted among the finest […]

5 Best Ways to Develop Your Property Investment Strategy

Whether you are a home buyer or a keen investor deep into the property investment business, you must know the smart property investment strategy moves. A lot of people are fond of investing in property. Based on their knowledge, proximity to the property’s location and budget, they make n property investment for the future. For […]

Key Reasons to invest in Real Estate during Covid19

Why Invest in Real Estate during Covid19 Real estate had been evolving at a phenomenal rate in India before the ongoing lockdown. Although it’s growth rate has slowed down in recent times on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not spell doom for flat buyers. On the contrary, most real estate dealers are offering […]

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